Engaged couples should discuss premarital agreements

Congratulations are most certainly in order for a recent engagement. Before newly engaged couples start planning their California wedding, there is one subject that deserves a top spot on the wedding to-do list: Discussing a premarital agreement.

 Before couples get the wrong impression about what such an agreement does and what it is, they should proceed with the facts rather than ill-informed speculations. Bankrate breaks down the benefits of a premarital agreement.

 Give and take

 There is no telling what lies down the road ahead, and spouses cannot say beyond a shadow of the doubt how they may change in the future. If worse comes to worse and a couple decides to divorce, having a premarital agreement in place ensures both parties leave the marriage with what they, individually, entered the marriage with.

 Beneficial to children

 Premarital agreements are an especially good idea for those with children from a previous relationship. The agreement protects children and everyone’s peace of mind in the event of a divorce.

 Breaking the ice

 After learning more about why premarital agreements are a great idea, the next step is figuring out the best way to talk about entering into such an agreement. It is best to have the conversation as soon as possible, so couples can go ahead and get it out of the way and work out the particulars while they plan their wedding, as pointed out by HuffPost.

 Engaged couples are also better off creating a prenuptial agreement together. Doing so gives both parties equal say, and it can lessen the chances of one person feeling cheated by the agreement’s terms.

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