There are many issues to consider with regard to child custody cases, from how courts decide what is in a child’s best interests to the type of parenting plan that will work out best for a particular couple. The emotional side of child custody cases should not be overlooked, and some people may struggle with depression in the wake of a custody decision that is unfavorable, from their perspective. Moreover, some children may experience depression after a custody dispute and it is crucial for parents to help them handle these feelings properly.

Whether a parent is upset that they will not be able to spend time with their child or they are sad for some other reason, these negative emotions are not uncommon following a tough family law case such as a dispute over how a custody plan will work out. There may be a number of options for parents to improve their circumstances, however, both before and after a custody ruling. If you are struggling with these matters, it may help you immensely to go over your different options.

Aside from being caused by a custody dispute, depression may also influence the outcome of a custody dispute. If a parent is depressed, for example, it may make them less likely to secure custody of their child. In some cases, the court may feel that a parent’s emotional state is problematic with respect to custody and a parent who struggles with depression may also have more difficulty during a custody battle.

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