You know how common divorce is, but you do not know exactly what leads up to it. This is your first marriage, after all. You got married young. You do not have the experience to spot the warning signs.

However, knowing how to spot them is important. It helps you understand that divorce is on the horizon so that you can plan ahead and put yourself in the best position for your future. To help, here are six signs that your spouse may be feeling unhappy, which can eventually lead to a split:

1. Lack of communication

Negative communication — fighting and arguing — is a clear warning sign, but remember that a lack of communication can be one as well. When you and your spouse never talk, it may indicate that they mentally checked out of the relationship already.

2. Excessive alone time

Some people need alone time, so do not worry if your spouse likes it every now and then. However, if you find them spending as much time as possible alone, that’s definitely a red flag. Eventually, your spouse may realize they’re happier alone and decide to make it permanent.

3. Lack of quality time

Even the little time you do spend together is not enjoyable. You sit in silence or watch TV. You never go out and do the activities you used to love — going camping, going to concerts, traveling the world. Time together starts to feel like time wasted.

4. Small issues become huge fights

It feels like your spouse is always looking for a reason to get into an argument. Something small — forgetting to put gas in the car — becomes a huge fight. The problem may be that your spouse is already unhappy, so anything that aggravates it brings up all of these other feelings and emotions.

5. Your spouse spends too much time with someone else

This does not necessarily mean that your spouse is being unfaithful to you, but they start spending more time with other members of the opposite sex and actually preferring them over you. It could be that your spouse is looking for some sort of connection — even if it’s not physical — that the marriage lacks.

6. You always get short answers

You used to talk for hours. Now, whenever you ask your spouse something, they just give you a one-word answer. You often feel like you’re interrupting a TV show or some other hobby. It is clear your spouse doesn’t want to talk to you any more than necessary.

If these types of issues do lead to divorce, make sure you understand all of your legal rights as you move through this complex process.

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