Workers’ Compensation

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Working For Your Recovery After A Work Accident

A work accident can change your life in an instant. From your physical injuries to your medical bills, recovery can be a difficult process. We understand what is at stake after an accident in the workplace, and we fight for the rights and interests of injured California workers. 

At the Law Offices of David Lowe, we vigorously protect workers suffering from occupational injuries. Our workers’ compensation team can help you complete your claim, confront any challenges that arise during the process, and work to maximize your benefits. We will stay by your side until you have the benefits and support you need to make the most of your recovery. 

What Benefits Will You Receive?

Your needs will depend entirely on your injuries, the care you need, and the injury’s impact on your ability to work. Workers’ compensation packages can help provide for all of these needs, including:

It is prudent to take quick action to protect your interests as soon as possible after your injury. We will take immediate steps to help you report your injury, complete the initial paperwork, and avoid any unnecessary delays. We provide effective and knowledgeable representation for every step of the workers’ compensation claims, from the initial filing to any offers for settlement.

We Will Fight For Your Rights As An Injured Worker

There are times when a workers’ compensation claim leads to complications such as retaliation and other employment issues. In addition to helping, you secure the benefits you deserve, we can help you address any additional concerns that arise and shield you from additional hardship. 

We offer free initial case evaluations to individuals who have suffered workplace accidents. You can email us to make an appointment to discuss your case with a lawyer or call our office at (650) 347-0132 for additional information. 

What Should I Do After A Work Accident?

Settlement Process

Resolving Your Case Fairly And Efficiently

There are many ways to settle a workers’ compensation claim. Your recovery from your work accident may be lengthy. It could take you weeks or years to return to full physical capacity, or you may find you cannot return to the same job you had before your accident. What you need for recovery is unique to your individual situation, and we will fight for a final resolution to your California workers’ compensation claim that is fair and suitable for you. 

Whether you will need continued care long into the future, training for a new job, or compensation for permanent injuries, our experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys will work diligently to ensure you receive the full number of benefits and support you deserve. If necessary and appropriate, the team at the Law Offices of David Lowe will vigorously represent your interests in settlement negotiations. 

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What Is The Best Possible Outcome From Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In some cases, it is beneficial to pursue a settlement from the insurance company instead of benefit payments over time. You have the option to accept what the insurance company offers you or to pursue a settlement amount that is more appropriate through negotiation or a hearing. Our lawyers will evaluate your situation and determine if a workers’ compensation settlement is ideal for you.

When a settlement is most appropriate, we consider all factors, including future needs, medical bills, and other long-term expenses you may have. Whether it is through a settlement, disability benefits, or workers’ compensation benefit payments, we will diligently fight for the full amount you deserve.

Your Full And Fair Recovery Is Our Goal

At the Law Offices of David Lowe, we genuinely care about the best interests of our clients. We provide both personal and compassionate service to the injured while working to defend their rights. If you were hurt in the workplace or are suffering from an occupational illness, we want to help you secure all of the compensation you deserve.

Schedule your free initial case evaluation today to learn more about our team and how we can assist with your workers’ compensation claim. You can call (650) 347-0132 or contact us online for additional information and to make an appointment.