Can you change child support payments?

California parents often split the financial burden of raising a child. This is true even after a divorce. This is most often done through child support payments. The parent without primary custody sends a payment to their ex-spouse. You use this money to raise the child. But is this payment set in stone?

The California Courts discuss changing child support orders. The court understands that life is not static. The numbers picked at the time of your divorce come from specific calculations. This includes your household income, your spouse’s income and the cost of raising the child. Needless to say, any of these categories could change over the course of the years.

You can change support payments in two different ways. You either request for courts to increase or decrease payments. As an example, parents receiving support may request an increase if they lose their job. It is also common to request increases if the child becomes more expensive to raise. This often happens as the child ages.

The parent making support payments can request courts to decrease them. This is often done if they lose a job, benefits or bonuses. This financial loss makes it more difficult for them to support themselves, let alone a child. Reduction in payment is also requested if the parent receiving support remarries. This is because courts expect their new spouse to pitch in and help raise the child.

Incarceration, income changes and adoption also influence payments. If you believe you should alter your payment, contact the court and submit a request for modification.

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