People in California and elsewhere in the United States are leaving marriages of decades at a much faster rate than they used to. According to Forbes, the over-50 age group has seen an increase in divorce rates at the same time that the overall rate has gone down.

Divorce after a long marriage can be devastating for both spouses, and it can have serious financial implications, but that does not mean it is always a bad idea. In fact, gray divorce may be a very positive thing in the life of a baby boomer.

Ending unhappy relationships

Psychology Today notes that whether a couple stays together because of the kids, the finances or just because they feel they are supposed to, it can create deep unhappiness, resentment and anger toward each other.

Letting go of the relationship often means finally being able to let go of the negativity and stress that living with the wrong person can cause. This is particularly important because mental and emotional stress can lead to physical health issues, as well.

Opening the door to a new future

The goal of leaving a marriage may have nothing to do with seeking out a new relationship, and finding peace of mind can be its own positive outcome. However, many people do find love after letting go of a bad marriage.

In general, people are living longer. Divorce at 55 may give someone 20 to 30 years to start discovering or rediscovering interests their former spouse did not encourage and pursuing a new life.

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