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When people are injured on the job in California, they have to follow a specific process to begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Often, they are required to disclose the timeline of their injuries with their employer, seek the medical attention of a health care provider that is in the network with their employer and carefully follow all of the recommendations from their doctor to return to work with confidence and full health.

Researchers in Maryland have conducted an interesting study that revealed that drug abuse is not an uncommon issue among workers who have received a job-related injury. While the research was conducted with a general group of injured workers, attention was paid primarily to those who were considered to be at risk. Among them were people who were the victims of a crush or sprain injury, as well as those who were aged 60 years or older. People who made at least $60,000 were also considered to be more likely to request continual refills of their prescription medication.

Researchers suggested that workers who are considered to be at risk be prevented from partaking of certain drugs that could eventually develop into an addiction. Included in a list of common opioids included OxyContin and Vicodin among others. It was also recommended that health care providers avoid prescribing potentially addictive medications for injuries there were not considered to be severe.

If people have been injured in a job-related accident, they may benefit from the guidance of an attorney. Legal professionals may be able to eliminate some of the stress that is a part of building a case and allow victims to focus on their recovery and healing.

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