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There are a number of reasons why it is great for young people to have jobs, whether they develop a strong work ethic at a young age, save money for college or work to buy things they want and need. Unfortunately, the workplace is often especially dangerous for teens and many are involved in work-related accidents. In this post, we will look over some of the ways in which mishaps occur and the consequences of these accidents.

For young workers injured in on-the-job mishaps, it is imperative to explore legal options and resources that are available.

Ways in which workplace accidents involving teens happen

Work-related accidents that involve teens occur in many ways. Often, teens have certain positions that come with a number of dangers. For example, many teens work in restaurants, where they are exposed to flames, sharp objects, hot temperatures, slick floors and a chaotic environment. Many young workers are also employed in positions that require a lot of time outdoors and physically strenuous activities. Furthermore, since many lack experience in the field they work in, some have more difficulty avoiding hazards.

The consequences of these accidents

Teens involved in job-related mishaps often face various consequences. For example, some struggle with high levels of pain and injuries that prevent them from attending school or participating in sports. Other hardships, such as financial hurdles due to the cost of therapy or medical care also affect many accident victims. Some also develop depression or struggle with other emotional hurdles in the wake of a job-related mishap. Browse our blog to read about workers’ compensation and various topics regarding workplace accidents.