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You work for a small business based in California, and your employer recently told you she does not have to carry workers’ compensation. If you hurt yourself on the job, you may want to investigate the truth of that statement.

Chron explains which businesses must have workers’ comp insurance. Do not let your employer off the hook for taking responsibility for injuries that you sustain on the clock.

State exemptions

Texas is the only state that does not require all businesses to have workers’ comp insurance. Even then, other states have various requirements regarding the level of compensation insurance that companies must have. State insurance departments may help business owners (and curious employees) learn more about their unique insurance requirements.

Compensation coverage

Do not stop at learning whether your employer must protect employees with proper coverage. Find out what workers’ comp insurance covers. Usually, you receive compensation for a percentage of your lost wages and physical injuries sustained from an on-the-job accident.

Contract employees and family members

What if you work as an independent contractor? In that case, you bear responsibility for carrying your own compensation policy, not the companies you work for. Any contract that you sign with companies before working with them may require you to have proper coverage, so check the paperwork to see if this applies to you.

Do you work at the family business? If you do, state workers’ compensation regulations may not apply to you. Again, do some research to determine if this applies in California.

It may not be a good idea to leave your workplace accident injury recovery in your employer’s hands. Arm yourself with knowledge to protect your legal rights.