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You were injured in a workplace accident at your place of employment in California. Fortunately, you have workers’ compensation benefits that have allowed you to receive assistance and resources while you are recovering and unable to work. However, what happens now? Will you be able to return to work? How long are you going to have to wait before you are given full clearance to resume your job responsibilities? Understanding the answers to these types of questions can help you have a clearer picture of your future after having suffering a work-related injury.

According to the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, while you should adhere to the recommendations of your health care provider and employer, your decision to return to work as soon as you receive medical clearance is imperative to your ability to recover completely. Statistics show that workers who return to work as soon as possible are more likely to make a full recovery and are also able to begin earning wages right away.

Whether or not you are able to return to work is a process that takes some time. Your employer and health care provider will both assess your injuries and their impact on your ability to perform your job safely and effectively.  If you not given clearance, you may be able to make an arrangement with your employer to take on a modified role until you are able to resume your initial job tasks. In situations where you are told that your injury will prevent you from resuming job responsibilities indefinitely, you may be given options for alternative work.

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