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Not being able to work while you recover from an injury can be a frustrating experience. Many people in this position are eager to return to their jobs as soon as they can. It is important, however, not to rush back to work before you know that doing so will not endanger your health. A number of people in the state of California will help you determine when is the best time to start working again.

The California Department of Industrial Relations explains that while you recover from an injury, there are a number of people who will likely be involved in figuring out when you can return to work. These can include, but are not limited to, the doctor who treats you, a manager who speaks for your employer, and the claims administrator in charge of handling your claim on behalf of your employer. Your attorney, if you have one, may also be involved.

Because you have multiple parties involved, regular communication between yourself and these individuals is crucial. Some workers, if they have attorneys, leave the task of coordinating with a doctor, an employer and a claims administrator to their legal counsel. Strong communication helps keep parties apprised of what the injured worker needs. A doctor, for instance, can treat a worker but may not fully understand the job the worker performs and may need additional information.

In the event you have recovered much of your health but not enough to continue with your ordinary line of work, you can ask your doctor and employer if an alternative job can be assigned to you. Your doctor can figure out the kinds of jobs you can perform in your current state, and your employer can determine if such jobs are available. If you are able to work in some capacity, your doctor should provide the claims administrator with specific limits on what you can do so that you do not injure yourself again.

The information in this article is only intended for educational purposes and should not be taken as medical or legal advice.