The State of California Workers’ Comp is a complex system. However, the purpose is simple. The original intention was to provide guarantees and safety to workers who, like you, may suffer an accident at work.

Principles that give rise to workers’ compensation in the state of California.

The current system invites trust in the goodwill of insurance companies. Of course, these organizations also operate within a complex and stringent regulatory environment. The question injured workers often ask is, Can I trust my employer’s insurer to look out for my best interests and act in good faith? Will the insurance company follow the spirit of the law and its regulations?

The answer is that most insurance companies work to defend your interests as much as possible. They are often more concerned with their financial results than with the welfare of the workers.

Options within the system

The workers’ compensation system may offer you options, for example, you may have the opportunity to overturn an unfair denial of benefits, you may also be able to access different health care providers, and get better types of treatment or other benefits that the insurer did not give you. you want to grant.

Workers’ compensation is not a perfect system. However, you may have more power than you expect. At a minimum, you almost certainly have more options than your employer and insurance company want you to know about.

If you were injured at work and are in any of these cases, it is very likely that you will need legal advice or representation to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled, so it is advisable to contact a lawyer dedicated to compensation cases at worker (Workers’ Comp). This article is not intended to serve as legal advice. It is for informational purposes only