Battling a cancer diagnosis during divorce

If you were recently diagnosed with cancer, our law firm understands the multiple hardships you are likely working through. Whether you are in a lot of physical pain or have extremely negative emotions (such as crippling anxiety and depression) as well as financial hardships due to medical costs, cancer is incredibly overwhelming for many people. Moreover, cancer makes it especially hard for people to work through the end of their marriage.

If you are approaching divorce and are simultaneously struggling with a cancer diagnosis, you need to have a firm understanding of the best path forward. Make sure you set aside the time and energy that is required to handle the end of your marriage properly.

The long-term impact of your divorce

People facing a battle with cancer often have difficulty focusing on other critical issues in life, including the end of their marriage. However, the way in which one’s divorce plays out will impact their lives in many ways, especially from a long-term point of view. For example, many people are able to recover from cancer while others still have many years ahead. From financial matters such as property division, child support and alimony to issues involving your kids (especially child custody), it is critical to protect your future and understand how much is at stake.

Overcoming negative emotions

If you have cancer, especially terminal cancer, you are likely struggling through an emotional rollercoaster. However, it is critical to fight through your negative emotions. Our law firm provides a lot of helpful information on this topic to make it easier for people to understand their options with respect to the divorce process.

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