Encouraging good parental relationships despite divorce

When a couple decides to get divorced in California, the upcoming changes can create significant anxiety and uneasiness for their children. While each child copes differently with divorce, younger children are usually at a higher risk of suffering emotional distress when their parents separate. Fortunately, parents can help their children cope with the changes in a productive way, but it will require them to be flexible with each other and respectful in developing a custody arrangement that allows their children to continue a healthy relationship with both parents. 

According to Parents.com, children will be curious about what is happening and why their parents are no longer living together. Explaining this situation is difficult for a lot of parents who struggle with being able to honestly describe what has happened without harming their children or creating opinions that may not be true. Parents should encourage their children to ask questions and communicate their concerns and then listen intently. They should provide enough detail to give clarification, but refrain from sharing information that may be inappropriate for their age or maturity level. 

WebMD reminds parents that once a custodial arrangement has been made, to refrain from pestering their children about what happens at the other parent’s home. They should never speak ill of the other parent or complain about issues they have with the other parent. They should strive to see their former spouse as still being a capable and loving parent and encourage their children to continue building a healthy relationship with their mom or dad. 

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