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When you get hurt while performing your California job, you may know that you can access workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits come in different forms, and it is important to understand what you are eligible for. One type of compensation benefit you may receive is temporary disability benefits.

After you incur an injury, you might receive temporary disability benefits. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, you can usually receive temporary benefits if you have to take time away from your job so you can heal. There are two kinds of temporary benefits you might receive. If you can do a different type of work while you recover, then you generally receive temporary partial disability benefits. Sometimes, though, you may be unable to do any work as you recover. In this situation, you are typically eligible for temporary total disability benefits.

You usually receive these payments within two weeks of incurring an injury. If you had symptoms for a long period of time but were only just diagnosed by a doctor, then you generally get your first payment two weeks after the date your doctor says you cannot perform your job.

You may expect to receive benefits equal to your weekly salary. However, this is not always the case. If you are on temporary disability benefits, you usually receive about two-thirds of your weekly wage. The amount you receive may also depend on the date you incurred your injury. Sometimes a variety of factors may make it difficult to determine the amount you receive. Some occupations may allot car allowances, overtime and tips to employees. Additionally, your earnings may also fluctuate depending on the season. A claims administrator usually considers all of these factors to decide how much you should receive.

This information is general in nature. You should not use it in place of legal advice.